Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Welcome our New BOCATEK Overlords!

Hosting for this site is now generously being provided by BOCATEK. We are very grateful.

This means that we're now able to provide an RSS feed to keep you informed as we race toward completion of our magnificent postproduction process. Sign up for our feed and never miss an exciting update again! Isn't that great?

How do you sign up? There should be a little orange or blue icon up in your browser's address bar. Click it, and something should happen. (Look, we're not rocket scientists here. If that doesn't work, we suggest checking Google or harassing a knowledgeable friend.)

Once again, the "Zorg and Andy" family would like to express our sincere thanks to the people of BOCATEK. They're not just technologists, folks, they're patrons of the arts!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We killed another one!

As we speak, the post-production team is installing a new computer to complete the sound mixing. Guy's rich, multi-layered audio sculptures have proven too stressful for the iMac, which has refused to cooperate any further. So now we'll be using a shiny, powerful Mac Pro, which will definitely never give us any problems ever.

For those counting, this will be the third computer we've gone through on this production. I'd like to think this is some kind of record, but Peter Jackson probably killed more than that every time he made an orc sneeze.

The temp-tracking is really turning out well. For an idea of the direction we're going with music, check out this excellent recording.