Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Pieces of Good News

Guy reports that he has gotten the flying insect effects working. I assume this means something other than him filming himself with cardboard wings and coat-hanger antennae, spinning around the room shouting "I'm a bee! I'm a bee!" then overlaying thousands of tiny copies onto the beetle-room scene.

Why is this good news? Because the bug effects were our final major post-production hurdle, and now there is very little standing in the way of this film being actually done.

Before Guy speaks up, let me add that any other existing post-production hurdles he might mention are now officially minor ones, easy tweaks that can be finished in an afternoon. I declare it to be so.

The second piece of good news? We (meaning Guy) have begun festival submissions! The pebble of "Zorg and Andy" has been kicked over the edge of the glacier, sure to become a massive, devastating avalanche! Run for cover!

Season's greetings, everybody.