Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scott Ganyo is Talented and Hard-Working

And handsome, too! All of which you can see for yourselves when you peruse his updated bio and headshot.

As soon I as resolve an issue with our web hosts, you'll be able to see his bio on the cast page, but I'll post it below so you don't have to wait. Why should you suffer?


Born in North Dakota to a Presbyterian Minister, Scott Ganyo started his career on the stage. His big break came when he joined the Actor's Theater of Indiana for their production of Forever Plaid. Nuvo Magazine called Scott's performance "impressive" and the Indianapolis Star raved that he "sings like an angel."

Scott soon turned his focus to film and quickly landed his first role in Woodworks Films' Open Mic'rs . Supporting roles followed - most notably the award-winning Foxxy Madonna vs the Black Death where Scott played Gabriel, a hit man who learns that a virus of biblical proportions was to to be unleashed on the masses. It wasn't long, though, before Scott's strong work and reputation lead to his being consistently cast as the leading man. His everyman and family quality lead to great roles in Kate Chaplin's First They Came for..., Jakob Bilinski's Shade of Grey and countless television commercials. Not afraid to explore new acting territory, Scott has taken on roles as diverse as a drug addict, a priest, a serial killer and even The Caped Crusader.

Trained at the Phoenix Theater, Millikin University, and ComedySportz among others, Scott is one of the most driven, professional actors working nationally.