Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Old News Page Admits Defeat

All right, folks. We're acknowledging our limitations. We're moving our news page over to a real blog site. What does this mean to you? First of all, we'll be putting our updates on the new blog instead of this page. That link is:

You'll want to subscribe to the new RSS feed on that page, too. Otherwise, you'll miss out on things like Ben's new bio (a real one, not written by a sarcastic production intern), more upcoming tech essays from Guy, and V.Z. Montengo explaining how he came up with the script.

The new blog is also easier to update (unless there are piranhas involved, it could hardly be more difficult). So if you're a member of the "Zorg and Andy" family and have a new project, let us know. "northanger (at)" That's us.

I'll repeat myself: please promote yourselves here. We love you. We want the world to love you, too.

Guy's been showing me big chunks of the movie with the audio mixed and the temp music tracks, and it makes we weep tears of joy. It reminded me again of what a great job you all did. Tears of joy, people.

1 comment:

Kate Rudd said...

Yay! Miss you guys. It's great to see the updates.. :)
geez - why is it so hard to write a fricking bio?