Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Audio Update!

Let’s see, when I wrote last, I think I said something like, and I’m paraphrasing a bit here, “I promise to give more regular updates on our progress.” Given that was written about three months ago, I clearly have a lot to learn about the wondrous world of blogging. I am managing to beat my previous record of seventeen months between updates, so that should count for something, don’t you think?

I just wanted to let you know that last night I finished the audio work on Scene 45 (where, after having lost Zorg again, Andy and Jen decide to find Dr. Harpax). Overall, I’m about three quarters of the way through the entire movie. So, the end is in sight! Although psychically damaged from the experience, I’m pretty happy with how the final mix is turning out, and am resisting the tremendous urge to turn the remaining scenes into a silent film in order to be done with it.

Actually, I’m expecting to be done with audio editing by mid-December. Famous last words, I know. Anyway, it’s a nice thought.

Back to editing!

Talk to you soon!


Daniel Rudd said...

Quentin, I'm a friend of Katie Rose.
Also a composer: www.danielrudd.com
And working on a couple short films www.onestorypictures.com

I'm currently editing a rough cut of one of them, so we can do audio dubbing with the talent next Wednesday.

Want to exchange ideas?
rudd DOT daniel AT gmail DOT COM

Kate Rudd said...

Guy, please excuse Daniel's referring to you as 'Quentin'. It's a little game he plays, where he calls everyone Quentin when suggesting the exchange of ideas.
If it's any comfort, he also calls his mother 'Guy'. Everyone's mother, actually.
What if he was proposing the exchange of ideas involving a mother?
Probably he'd call that person 'Guyntin'.
He means no harm.

Quentin said...

The concept of "names" is a pretty fluid thing around here. Ask Montengo. Or Patricia.

Guy said...

Hi, Katie! No problem. Acutally, I often use Quentin's name, especially when traveling.

FYI, Quentin, you may want to stay away from Las Cruces, NM for awhile. A long while. Forever, really. Sorry.

Anyway, Katie, I sent Daniel an email. Hope dubbing goes well!

On another topic, and this is probably due simply to an particularly debilitating cold that I've managed to catch, but I have to ask: who's Patricia? I mean, I remember Wesley (well, you know, like I remember V. Z.), but I'm drawing a blank here.

Patricia, many apologies if you're either a close friend or relative. I have a cold.

On a side note, can comments be edited later? I'm new to blogging.

Daniel Rudd said...

anti-onion society:
I would like to personally thank you for your diligent efforts to maintain decorum and foster a greater sense of clarity, in this forum which some clearly values those two ideals above all else.

Thanks for sending the e-mail.
I hope to have our film ready for festivals well before Guyer's Day (which I believe is May 11th this year).

But I plan to respond to your e-mail well before then.

And I will plan to avoid the exchange of ideas with anyone in Las Cruces. Especially if I'm traveling with my guy (she's a bit faint of heart these days)


Quentin said...

Guy: Patricia is... from the future.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo cornfused!