Saturday, September 6, 2008

And the Award for Worst Blogger of the Year Goes to…

I think we all know who it goes to, don’t we? Sorry for not posting in awhile. So much for New Year’s resolutions (which I always felt were vastly over-rated, by the way).

Not wanting to pull anything, I’m easing back into the blogging world with a quick update:

Just finished color-correction and effects for the first half of the movie. Besides figuring out a way to create a digital beetle that walks, unfurls its wings menacingly and flies into the camera, I feel like we're in pretty good shape on the rest of the effects work.

Bold Pronouncement: my latest revised schedule (Ha! I laugh at schedules!) has the movie pretty much completed by Thanksgiving. Of 2008. This year. Really.

We’re also in the process of finding replacements for a few songs that we couldn’t get the rights to. Apparently, some musicians want to be paid. Upfront. In money.

And last but not least, we’re on IMDB now, thanks to Scott, who submitted our listing. There’s not much detail yet, but it’s still great to see.

Thanks again, Scott! You’re the best!

Back to the beetle!

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