Friday, October 31, 2008

Shuddering, we adjust our typefaces

In designing the opening credit sequence, we've experimented with an array of styles. An early option was to roll the credits over a series of illustrations that explained the backstory. Sort of like this:

We decided against it when it became clear that we'd actually have to come up with a backstory to do this. Never explain what you don't have to.

So we thought about the classic Saul Bass look:

Or, more likely, this:

I think we've settled on making the typography do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to visual interest. Here's one of our prototypes:

With a little color and motion (in the strict Northanger tradition of tasteful restraint), I think they're going to look terrific.

Finally, since I seem to be piloting the blog ship straight in YouTube Shoals today... Motorhead!

1 comment:

Scott Ganyo said...

The Star Wars intro is CLASSIC! Love it!

Perhaps you could consider something of a Pink Panther style intro...