Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Made Sonic Cinema's End of Year Movie Review!

Brian Skutle at Sonic Cinema calls "Zorg and Andy:" "a goofy and hilarious indie comedy about phallic statues and ancient occults that is like a Matt Groening cartoon done in live-action…as zany as a "Simpsons" episode with the production values of an Ed Wood film- the result is the type of high-concept comedy we don't see much anymore."

Many thanks, Brian! Check out the other films on his list here!

You can order your "Zorg" DVD or digital downloads here or here!

The All-mighty, Yet Benevolent Zorg ™ wishes you all a very happy New Year! All hail me!


Anonymous said...

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Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by--sorry this wasn't a sound-related post.

Although it doesn't seem to be updated regularly anymore, if you haven't seen it before, check out this site (lots of great interviews with sound professionals and links galore):

Anonymous said...

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