Friday, October 30, 2009

Latest "Zorg" Review -- Rated 8/10!

Here's a sample:

"'Zorg and Andy' is a fantastic microbudget comedy, a perfect marriage of cheesy exploitation, silly science fiction, and brainy humor. Davis and crew should be extremely proud of their accomplishment; these insanely talented individuals have somehow managed to pack an absurd amount of fresh, well-executed material into a breezy 60-minute package, a feat that's even more astounding when you take into consideration their complete lack of funding. Which just goes to show that the only tools required to craft an entertaining motion picture are talent and dedication, plain and simple. Imagine that."

Read the rest of the review at Bloody Good Horror (many, many thanks, Todd)! And then consider going here to buy a DVD!

Zorg will be pleased if you do (and you really, really want to please Zorg)!

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Ben W. said...

Insanely talented? I'll accept that! I'm loving these reviews!