Friday, November 20, 2009

"Zorg" on Amazon!

We're excited to announce that "Zorg and Andy" is now available for digital download or rental on Amazon's Video On Demand! For the low, low price of only $4.99, you can watch "Zorg" online, or download it to your computer, TiVo, or iPhone!

And for those afraid of long-term commitment, we offer the "Zorg" rental for only $1.99! After which, no doubt, you'll fall madly in love with the movie and wonder how you've managed to live all these years without a "Zorg" DVD, and you'll rush furiously to Film Baby to add it to your collection! Trust us, it'll happen just like that.

And don't forget that if you rush furiously to Film Baby before the end of the year, you can take 10% off the already incredible how-can-we-go-that-low-volume-volume-volume price of $9.99, by using the discount code "thatsalotofbeetles")!

We're all about offering choices here at Zorg Central. And now there's a "Zorg" to fit every budget! So, see "Zorg" today! Or tomorrow! Just see it and keep Zorg happy!

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